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15 Fév

The Project.

The project involves the expansion of doors and windows size of all four façades of a private residence. All this without altering the original shape of the building, except only for the southern layout, where the façade was divided into three levels through a single window that, in any case, appears to respect the protrusion limits of the preexisting terrace.

The project envisaged, even after the change in the internal distribution, the reorganization and rearrangement of the real estate units, maintaining their typology, redefining the substantial appearance of the building through a formal and compositional clean-up.

This operation of doors and windows size redefinition and internal partition allowed reorganizing spaces that better adapt to the needs and functionality of contemporary living.

The will of the customer of a “sustainable” construction, ensuring high-level comfort standards, has oriented the design choices towards the technology of wood prefabrication so as to assure quality standards which, combined with the system technological applications, lead to the consequent highest level of energy saving, in addition to the advantages of a lightweight structure the does not imply further burdens on the foundations.

The external side

The distinctive element of this ultramodern building, coming from the original renovation project of a building from the 60s, is the mix between the opacity and the dark shade of the charcoal grey, chosen for the windows and doors of the house as well as the black titanium coating and the transparence of the huge windows installed everywhere which enable the resident to see the internal stair even from the outside. The stair, in fact, with its metal and wooden structure  goes through all levels of the house making them communicate even from a visual point of view.

No detail has been left to chance in this renovation project: in order to guarantee a perfect chromatic uniformity with the materials and metal colors of the external façades, the same charcoal grey has been chosen for the installation of the steel and aluminium doors and windows. And this dye is also repeated in many other points inside the house (from the metal used for the stair structure to the internal frame of the windows).

The internal side      

White and light are the main aspects of this super modern building. Even the internal doors are white and they blend into the wall. The exposed beams are white and white is also the light coming from the windows, the main door and the glazed holes on the roof that let the light flood the whole house.

But it’s a warm light, softened by the presence of the wood that, naturally, warms the internal environments which are in marked contrast with the cold tones of the external metal-grey finishes.

There are a lot of original elements: from the little porthole shaped window in the bathroom to the roof that opens with a long window to offer the precious zenith light into the kitchen.

Synua, the entrance door

Synua, the vertical pivot door, has been chosen to protect and decorate at the same time this great building, a masterpiece of design and creativity, a precious jewel that shines at the natural light of the sun.

Thanks to its wide possibilities of customization, here Synua has been selected with a double coating in order to fit harmoniously in the living context: 9 charcoal grey sectors with a horizontal concealed big handle for the external side and the same number of  total white sectors for the internal side.