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23 Juin

Here is the new initiative of the Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice, which involves companies under the shared banner of Culture. Oikos here!

The OpificioQuerini project has been launched at a peculiar moment, but perhaps it is the very uncertainty of these times that adds value, encouraging reflections and, what is more, tangible actions undertaken by enterprises and institutions.

We are firmly convinced that, once again, the role of Culture is decisive in ensuring a company’s growthto give a meaning to its own futureto make a distinctive statement in international markets. Especially when that peculiarity belongs to us, is our own DNA, imbues our territory, as if it were some shared mission: the determination not to neglect our past, the awareness of making some tangible contribution, day after day, to interpreting our times and imagining new scenarios.

The link between Oikos and the Querini Stampalia Foundation is already well-known and established, thanks to the meetings which we propose each year to our customers and architects who come to visit us.  We acknowledge that it is a special place, almost magical, lying in the heart of Venice and we feel at ease there because that is where we find shared values and a desire to engage in authentic relationships.

Furthermore, the OpificioQuerini project, which includes – not surprisingly – the concept of “making things” in its name, is a great opportunity for those companies who identify themselves in the shared value of Culture and in its acknowledgement.

We are lucky enough to be living and working in a country rich in history and with great craft and creative skills. We can and must preserve our priceless heritage, which the whole world envies and sometimes reproduces, because if that heritage can be imitated, only one thing cannot be stolen from us: our Culture. And if we can understand and enhance this aspect, also through such synergies as those offered by OpificioQuerini, then we will have won, both today and tomorrow. With pride and awareness.

Fabio Buscato, Managing Director of Oikos Venezia srl