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29 Jan

The project.

It is about an internal redevelopment of a historical building in Manhattan, New York, consisting of 7 flats and 3 suites. Considering it is a building protected by the US Arts, the goal of the architect, Leopoldo Rosati, was to respect its history combining past and present. He succeeded by mixing elements of his territory (such as the classic exposed bricks in New York style) with an extremely modern style, historical elements and modern details, celebrating at the same time the importance of the tradition and the opening to modernity. A mixture of eras, styles and needs characterize the spaces, making them livable and modern but never devoid of their roots. On the contrary, it’s exactly for the link with their origins that they acquire new deeper meanings. The concept of modern loses its ephemeral character becoming the natural evolution of what was in the past and what keeps on being in the present.
Those residences become an expression of the adaptability and flexibility that the architect Rosati shows in his way of designing and interacting constructively with his clients, as well as the concretization of the famous Saint-Exupery quote according to which perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

Hence the perfect residences designed by Rosati, equipped with everything that’s important and deprived of every useless detail that would otherwise become outdated.
In this respect, the choice to protect (and decorate) the entrances of every house has been perfect: Tekno door by Oikos Venezia has been chosen as main door for the 7 flats while Synua, our pivot coplanar door for big dimensions, has been selected to keep out all is unwelcome, hosting instead who is admitted inside to share the intimate life. There’s another function that Tekno and Synua are able to perform: in addition to mark the borders between inside and outside, public and private protecting efficiently what really matters, the security doors made by the venetian leader of high-end products satisfy even the sense of those who feel gratified by beautiful, elegant and refined things.


The suites

Every room is different from the others but they all have in common distinctive features, like it was a signature of the architect who chose to leave his own mark on his works through an exclusive use of colors and materials: shades of grey, blue, white and beige prevail over other colors. And all this lives side by side with the red exposed bricks that were part of the building since its construction, witness to many scenes of daily life of a bygone era, and they’re still there, ready to listen to new stories, to show the passage of new lives. As well as the refined columns, once white, now ink blue, that hold the ceiling delimiting the spaces.


In the background, many tributes to a city that keeps on attracting thousands of people looking for a chance, who do not give away all their dreams: the huge panels that illustrate the city, its skies and its historical buildings, serve as a big window on the city. There’s no shortage of natural elements, neither in the choice of the materials (the elegant wooden parquet, for example) nor in the choice of the colors (from the soft beige of the bathrooms to the panels showing wide skies and cliffs, to the delicate colors of the flowers illustrated on the panels that rise and fall delimiting or opening the spaces, as the kitchen, while decorating at the same time).


While Tekno, the high-performance security door (anti break-in Class 3, fire resistance EI 90 or EI 120, thermal insulation 1,6, acoustic insulation 43 dB and air, water and wind resistance up to 4, 5A and C5) with concealed hinges has been installed as main door in the 7 flats, Synua, the pivot entrance door, has been chosen for the 3 suites. With a double coating, the three security doors present a smooth concrete panel with a big handle for the external side and a total white panel consisting in 7 horizontal sections for the internal one. Synua is the perfect door for big dimensions (it can reach up to 220 cm in length and 300 cm in height, but it may also be realized for bigger dimensions).
The pivoting opening mechanism give the space new features in terms of wider brightness and openness. The lack of exposed screws lends the door greater elegance and attention to aesthetic aspects, as well as its coplanarity that make it flush with the wall. Now it’s available even in the thermal break version and it can be combined with the innovative Arckey, the electronic lock controlled by an exclusive app for smartphones. Synua guarantees a standard Class 3 break-in resistance, 38 dB of acoustic insulation and a value of 1,6, that can increased up to 1, of thermal insulation. Even the values concerning air, water, wind and fire resistance are important (they can reach, respectively, up to 4, 5°, C5 e EI 60/EI 120/UL-FD 120).