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19 Nov

The project

The elegant Villa AZ is a private residence located on the prestigious island of Palm Jumeirah, one of the three artificial islands built off the coast of the Arab Emirates with sand dredged from the bottom of the Persian Gulf to increase the beaches of the city of Dubai by more than 500 km.

Each island is shaped like a palm surrounded by a crescent that acts as a breakwater and houses several residential, entertainment and leisure centers including luxury hotels, villas and exclusive apartments by the sea, ports, water parks, restaurants, shopping centers, sports facilities and spas.

Palm Jumeirah, the first of the three islands to be built (2001), consists of a “trunk” and a “crown” with 17 branches, enclosed by a crescent (a breakwater 11 km long). The island is 5 km long along the axis and 5 km transversally. It is here, among tall palm trees and dream beaches, that the private residence AZ rises, subject to a complete renovation, both inside and outside, to distinguish it from the surrounding houses, rather uniform and without a precise identity.

In the project, curated by the firm MMA PROJECTS SRL, the focus was on the quality of the materials and finishes to create a luxurious and elegant residence, with modern and minimalist features, albeit with some reference to the Arab style. The exteriors have therefore been cleaned, removing excessive decorations and any redundant elements, opting for a few materials of high quality and current character, such as clear plaster and wood, particularly suited to the style of a beach house.

As a tribute to Arab culture and to assure consistency with the setting in which the villa is located, some details in bronzed metal have been added. The delicate and highly original geometric designs of the metal panels that embellish the façade recall in fact the mashrabiyya, a natural forced ventilation device typical of the architecture of Arab countries.

These grids, originally made of inlaid wood elements and assembled according to a geometric design (often quite complex) decorate windows, loggias and balconies.

Here there is only a hint of this ancient technique, represented by narrow decorated metal bands arranged above the main windows and by a larger panel in the center of the main façade, just above the entrance door. But rather than driving to look away, this masterpiece of taste and lightness seems to attract the look on itself, besides providing light, identity and mystery to the entire house.

Outside, the architects of the firm MMA Projects have conveyed a further modern touch to the house by redefining the landscape and adding new tree types, as well as providing a natural decking and a wooden flooring that has made the outdoor environment more enjoyable as well as pleasing to the eye.

To make the garden an extension of the interior space the elegant outdoor kitchen/barbecue was added, an oasis of peace and relaxation accompanied by outdoor sofas sheltered from the sun thanks to the shady sails placed next to the superb infinity pool, witness to quiet afternoons with the family or cheerful parties with many guests.

Just like the exterior, the interiors too have been redesigned with new spaces and materials in an elegant and contemporary way, using modern marbles for floors and walls, natural woods for floors and boiserie, elegant fabrics and leather for the boiserie. Always with a few touches of Arabic elements, such as bronze inserts and decorations to enrich the environment and convey warmth and a sense of belonging.

SAFETY: main entrance

For the main entrance, Synua was chosen, manufactured by the leader of safety doors in the high-end segment, Oikos Venezia.

In its black and glass finish, Synua ensures as much elegance as security and, thanks to the attention to details such as the profiles and the bronze sector, it fits harmoniously into the façade, recalling the metal of the mashrabiyya and contributing, together with it, to capture the light of the sun and reflect it in its warmest and softest shades.

Now available also in the version with heat barrier, Synua guarantees the standard break-in class 3, thermal insulation U = 1, fire resistance EI 60 / EI 120, acoustic insulation 38 dB, and air, water and wind insulation up to 4, 5A and C5, respectively. It can also be combined with the innovative Arckey, the electronic lock controlled by an exclusive smartphone app for a total access control.