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10 Fév

The project

The villa stands, among soft meadows and gentle hills, in the countryside of Bergamo. Well matching the environment, it appears involved in a close-knit dialogue with the surrounding territory. From its constituting materials, to the selected colors, every detail seems to have been specifically designed in order to create a set of harmonies and contrasts that guarantees an effective communication and integration between the building and the external environment.

The same set of balances is proposed among the rooms of the villa: thanks to the wise alternation between empty and full spaces, between horizontality and verticality, the compactness of the complex and its shapes acquire lightness and harmony.

One of the first elements drawing attention is undoubtedly the overhang of the stairwell which, thanks to the transparency of the large windows and the verticality that characterizes it, conveys the building an unexpected and yet pleasant momentum. It is a lightness that preserves the need for security and privacy of the inhabitants, even accentuating the sense of grandeur of the whole.

The overhangs of the two floors, where horizontality prevails, create large livable terraces. The main façade is made more free and more open thanks to the large horizontal windows which, in contrast to the vertical ones of the stairwell, further emphasize the presence of the latter.

The back of the villa, on the other hand, is more closed and full, characterized by a large shelter that protects the portico and extends to the top of the terrace.


The interior furnishing, devoid of any superfluous elements, and strongly contemporary, stands out for its sobriety and elegance.

The predominance of white color, glossy surfaces and transparencies has the effect of intensifying the light, as well as of welcoming and reflecting the natural landscape, which in this way integrates perfectly with the interior, in a harmonious coexistence.

There is no need for additional furnishings: nothing furnishes and fills more than natural light and nature. A few touches (the light-colored wooden floor on the upper floor, the neatly stacked wood next to the fireplace, even the light-colored stone wall in the entrance hall) add natural warmth to the house, further confirming the dialogue between inside and outside.

Synua and the Synua Wall System

The entrance to the villa, only apparently less prominent because it is shifted laterally, is anticipated and emphasized by a stone staircase that attracts first of all the visitors gaze and then the visitors themselves to the main entrance, leading them through this path of asymmetrical platforms that seem to spring directly from the ground. Waiting for them there is Synua, the safety door with vertical pivot of the Venetian leader in the high-end segment, Oikos Venezia, combined with the Synua Wall System. Synua is the safety door ideal for large dimensions (it can reach as standard 220 cm of width and 300 cm of height; yet, upon request, it can be produced with larger dimensions). The concealed pivot mechanism allows the door leaf to rotate on itself, conveying greater openness and light.

Highly customizable, Synua was chosen with a nine-sector covering in snow porcelain gres on the external side and in white glass on the internal side. The central sector, made of steel as the profiles, houses the elegant horizontal long handle in the first case and, in the second, a concealed handle that, together with the absence of visible screws, convey cleanliness and coplanarity to the door, which is perfectly flush with the wall.

Thanks to the Synua Wall System, the door-wall covering that exploits the perfect coplanarity of Oikos doors to create walls that share the same aesthetic concept, the entrance to the villa acquires an inconceivable verticality and momentum: made up of modular sectors covered with the same materials chosen for the door, the SWS creates a scenographic wall system that extends vertically inside, even more than laterally, thus creating a wall-door assembly that combines the scenic-aesthetic effect with safety and elegance.

Synua is available with the innovative electronic opening system Arckey which, controlled directly by smartphone, allows managing the door and controlling accesses. Now also available in the version with heat barrier, Synua offers very high performance: it guarantees as standard a break-in class 3, 38 dB sound insulation and a thermal insulation value of 1.6, which can be raised to 1 upon request. The parameters for air, water, wind and fire resistance, respectively up to 4, 5A, C5 and EI 60/EI 120/UL-FD 120, are also remarkable.