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17 Dic

Year: 2016-2019

Technical partner: Beco Beveiliging (Gent, Belgium)

Oikos product: 9 Evolution (of which 3 with Arckey system)

Photos: Eugeen Van Groeneweghe, Herman Van Hoey

The project

The ambitious project involving Oikos Venezia consisted in the supply and installation of nine Evolution safety doors along the entire perimeter of the historic Schouwbroek Castle in Belgium.

The complete reproduction of the original portal of the Castle with the total recovery of the gorgeous decorated glasses dating back to the XIV century was particularly fascinating.

The Schouwbroek Castle

The Schouwbroek Castle is a fascinating building restored in 1893, yet dating back to the mid-XVI century. In addition to its suggestive neo-Gothic architecture, the three 400-year-old chestnut trees that rise imposingly at the entrance to the property are particularly noteworthy: a fairytale landscape, rich in natural beauty, lakes, ponds, hills and vegetation, outbuildings, gratings and sculptures, arranged according to the landscape style of the late XIX century, which constitute the worthy background to this charming dwelling place.

While the entrance to the castle shows clear French influences, the tower seems to have been faithfully reconstructed from the original. The imposing and extraordinarily eclectic castle, made of bricks and stone, is a two-floor building that rests on a basement and culminates in a slate roof full of covered dormer windows and pointed towers. The prevailing element is the right angle tower, with its distinctive features: turrets, battlements and parapet surmounted by a bell tower.

Warm, elegant and luxurious, the interiors are beautifully decorated and cared for in every detail.

The portal

Oikos Venezia’s work to reproduce the original portal of the Castle was meticulous and extremely accurate, aimed at conveying to this historic residence the well-deserved safety and security without however compromising its appearance, which had to be kept faithful to the original while preserving intact the splendid stained glass windows and their magnificent figurative representation. A job that required a careful historical research, the study of colors, materials and finishes, as well as the ability to apply modern technologies to ancient materials, shapes and tastes.

The result? A portal with impeccable aesthetic and dimensional characteristics, where consistency with the original portal and the context is guaranteed by Oikos quality, as well as with performance characteristics meeting the high standards of Evolution, the well-known safety door by Oikos that meets every request for customization, ensuring classic aesthetics combined with the highest performance. The original 14th century glass elements were kept, after careful cleaning and reinforcement activities, which involved the use of a double layer of armored glass; the structure, instead, – faithfully replicated in its shape – was replaced with a completely new one, able to guarantee the functions of a class 3 safety door.

The other doors

In addition to the magnificent fourteenth-century portal, Oikos provided for the construction of another 8 safety doors, including one with two leaves and three combined with the innovative Arckey system, the integrated access management system with electronic opening directly from a smartphone. The elegant safety doors are all finished in white lacquered heartwood on the outside and in Okoumè 6 heartwood on the inside. To ensure perfect consistency with the historical and aesthetic context, the doors are equipped with very elegant handle elements in antique bronze.

Evolution, when versatility becomes a door

Available with a wide range of coverings, shapes and sizes, Evolution is the safety door of Oikos Venezia, the international leader in the high-end segment. It meets any customization request given that it can be realized according to a drawing, with the fitting of armored glass, as a multi-leaf solution, complemented by a side panel or a transom window. Evolution guarantees maximum performance in terms of break-in safety (class 3 as standard, yet extendable to 4), thermal insulation (from 1.8 to 1 with thermal kit), sound insulation (40 dB, and up to 45 dB with acoustic kit), and air (2), water and wind (C4) resistance, values that can reach classes such as 4, 5A and C5, respectively, with the use of the Mose Kit.

In the doors with fitted glass, in the transom windows and in the side panels, only glasses with double certification (bullet-proof and sledgehammer-proof), with double glazing and safety glass double glazing, are used.