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10 May


It’s a series of full and empty spaces, soil protrusions and recesses: this is the luxury villa designed by the architect Francesco Maria Palumbo in 2015 and finished in 2018. A modern, elegant and refined  building which knows how to impress and attract with its spaces and contrasts.

1650 square meters of pure luxury placed on a steep and clay hill which dominates Reggio Emilia rural area, in Castellarano (Italy), showing how the contemporary style can perfectly be combined with the natural landscape. The beginning work consisted of designing a villa with clean and modern lines in order to satisfy the buyer’s wishes: a welcoming house, characterized by minimal and simple lines, with no frills, with an important garage, able to host the buyer’s vintage cars collection. Therefore, the key of the project is the simplicity: in shapes, materials and combinations.


The Villa is based on three levels: a basement that welcomes the garage and the wellness area, the ground floor- with the entrance foyer, the hall and the welcome areas, the kitchen and the guest rooms and a first floor with the sleeping quarters.

The first element getting the visitor’s attention is the white color which characterizes the external side of the whole building. A dazzle that has inside all the light of the Mediterranean sun. The light plays a very important role even during the night, when the natural lighting is off and the spotlights illuminate the whole villa creating magic tricks of light.

The external side is as sunny and dynamic as the internal side is relaxing and calming. A huge contrast, unexpected for those who go into the house for the first time, a place where dark, relaxing and luxury colors and furniture prevail as if they could compensate the great vitality of the external side offering a safe shelter to its inhabitants, an intimate place where they can relax.


The main door is a Synua, the famous security door for big dimensions which, here, presents a double coating: eight sectors in wengè oak with horizontal handle for the external side and a single white lacquered panel with a steel handle for the internal side. Combined with Synua Wall System (left and right side), it becomes a design door perfectly integrated with the wall where it’s installed, thanks to the coordinated wall paneling which amplifies the aesthetic effect of the door.
Synua is provided with the Arckey system, with a backlit keypad, directly managed by smartphone through the Oikos Tech App (which allows to manage the opening system of the door controlling each access).
The side door is a Tekno – flush with the internal and external wall – 270 cm tall, with a double coating panel as Synua door: nine sectors in wengè oak for the external side and a single white lacquered panel with frosted chrome handles for the internal side. Here the wall paneling system SWS concerns only the left side of the door.

Two Tekno twins doors with frosted chrome handles give access to the garage. In this case, both the inside and the outside fire resistant panels are composed of seven wengè oak sectors in HTA fugato line.
Even those doors are provided with Arckey electronic opening system with a backlit keypad, which opens the door with a remote control.
Two Evolution 3TT doors protect the entrance to the dressing room of the swimming pool. They have an internal lacquered oak coating panel and an external lacquered RAL Okoumé coating panel, both in gravel grey.