When craftsmanship meets industrial organization

“We Italians are like dwarfs on the shoulders of a giant, all of us. And the giant is culture, an
ancient culture that has given us an extraordinary, invisible ability to grasp the complexity of

The ability of reasoning, joining together art and science. And this is a huge capital. And this
Italian culture is always ready to welcome all the rest of the world”

Renzo Piano


From the successful union of artisan skills and industrial organization Oikos’ artisan-industrial expertise was created. The skills involved in performing manual processing, which are more and more being lost, represent the added value of the company that allows it to create unique and customized products, perfectly integrated in contemporary architecture. High performance and safety doors that arise from the ongoing dialog with architects and customers, as well as from a production sensitivity resulting from an efficient business organization.

The love for the home land is reflected in the meticulous attention to details and in the continuous inspiration that the local culture and architectural beauties offer the company. We believe that a work of art is also the result of a perfect organization and a premium manual workmanship, which are features that reflect the extraordinary model of the ancient Venice Arsenal.