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Tekno is the safety door with concealed hinges characterized by high-end performance and EI 90 or EI120 fire resistance. It can be installed flush with internal wall, flush with external wall, flush with plasterboard wall, interior coplanar with surround.

  • Flush with wall
  • Fire resistance EI 90 – EI 120
  • Sector coverings
  • High thermal insulation U = 1.6 as standard
  • Concealed hinges

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PerformanceStandardUpon request
break-inClass 3 -
acoustic43 dB -
thermal1.6Kit termico 1.4 - 1
air2Kit Mose 4
water -Kit Mose 5A
windC4Kit Mose C5

Heat barrier

The use of a mat made of heat insulating material positioned on the entire surface of the door allows preventing the thermal bridge between the internal covering of the leaf and its metallic structure.

PVD – treated defender

In all the cylinder versions, the barrel (defender) providing external protection to the cylinder has a manganese rotating ring. The defender and the brass finish mask are PVD treated.

Standard supplied brushed chrome handles

The Tekno line is equipped as standard supply with brushed chrome handles.

Concealed hinges

The Tekno and Project lines, which allow a 100° opening of the door, feature an exclusive hinge, absolutely invisible when the door is closed. This is a valuable detail that allows designers to express a new sense of strength and essentiality, highlighting the line and finish.

Finishing aluminum elements

Endless customization. The door Tekno allows choosing the aluminum finishes for the frame and the leaf among three different colors.

Security Cell

The particular closed section of the frame allows creating a cell for containing the safety bolts and the hinge bolts that is impregnable to any attempt to force the door.

Self-locking switchlock

A special internal device allowing the retraction of the switchlock only by operating the lock with the key

Owner's keys

All Oikos doors are supplied with a building site key to be used for the production checks and by the technical staff entrusted with the installation, while the owner's keys are always provided sealed inside a special box

Square mask and defender mask

When required by door aesthetics, it is possible to opt for a square mask and defender mask, available in the following versions: polished brass, brushed chrome, polished chrome, and antique bronze.