The door for large dimensions with pivoting operation

Synua is the safety door that knows no limits: ideal for large sizes, it is the perfect combination of technology and design. Equipped with pivoting opening and coplanar with the wall, it is covered by sectors or by a single panel and can reach up to 220 cm of width and 300 cm of height in its standard versions. Upon request it can feature even larger dimensions.

  • Pivoting opening
  • Covering with sectors or a single panel
  • Coplanar with the wall
  • Standard: up to 220 cm wide and 300 cm high

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PerformanceStandardUpon request
break-inClass 3 -
thermal1.61.4 - 1
acoustic38 dB -
air2Kit mose 4
water -Kit mose 5A
windC4Kit mose C5
fire -EI 60 / EI 120 / UL-FD 120

Adjustable pivot mechanism

The opening and closing of the door takes place by means of a vertical pivot, i.e. two pins placed at the ends, which are adjustable and concealed. The leaf, by turning on itself, allows a wider opening and greater brightness.

Aluminum covering profiles

The aluminum finish in brushed steel covers the frame and the door profile. No screw is visible, a special feature that guarantees a thorough cleaning and refined aesthetics

Coplanarity of the door

The pivot opening allows the perfect coplanarity between the door and the wall. Everything is integrated in the door leaf, including handle

Flush with the wall

The leaf flush with the wall allows a perfectly cleaned shape.

Armored glass for the side panel

Synua can be combined with a side panel, which is also armored. Oikos uses only glasses with double certification (bullet-proof and sledgehammer-proof), with double glazing and safety glass double glazing.


In all versions, the cylinder external protection barrel (defender) is equipped with a manganese rotating ring. The defender and finish mask are made of stainless steel

Heat barrier frame

Today also available with heat-barrier frame and leaf.
It increases exponentially the door thermal insulation performances while keeping unchanged the anti-break-in values.

Owner's keys

All Oikos doors are supplied with a building site key to be used for the production checks and by the technical staff entrusted with the installation, as well as with the owner's keys, sealed inside a special box.

Installation and maintenance kit

With the mounting kit, the installer receives the building site key sealed in its box, the fitting instructions, as well as the accessories and hardware. The purchaser receives, included in the standard supply, the cloth, cleaning products and all the necessary items to keep Synua always under perfect conditions.

Synua kit

No detail is left to chance: Synua is provided with an effective equipment set containing the owner's keys and the installation and maintenance kit.