Safety inside the house thanks to the flush with wall solutions

Project is the first safety door for interiors being part of the concept of interior design in its broader meaning. A real piece of furnishing, offering versatile coplanar or flush with wall solutions, which is able to transform a common environment into a safe room or a panic room. All this still providing high break-in, acoustic insulation and fire resistance performance.

  • Fire resistance EI 30
  • Concealed hinges
  • Internal safety
  • Flush with wall or coplanar
  • Acoustic insulation

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PerformanceStandardUpon request
break-in3 -
acoustic36 dB40 dB
thermal1.8 -
fire -30


The special, adjustable and concealed hinge patented by Oikos allows Project to feature a 100° opening, as well as total coplanarity with the wall.

Acoustic 36 dB - 40 dB

Project allows choosing between two acoustic kits, 36 dB as standard or 40 dB as upon request. The high acoustic insulation makes it an ideal door to prevent the transmission of noise among the different rooms of a building.

Frame covering

Project allows choosing the aluminum finishes for the frame and the leaf among three different colors.

Fire resistance EI30

Project can fight the fire with a certified EI30 fire resistance.

Concealed hinges

The Tekno and Project lines, which allow a 100° opening of the door, feature an exclusive hinge, absolutely invisible when the door is closed. This is a valuable detail that allows designers to express a new sense of strength and essentiality, highlighting the line and finish.