Classic aesthetics expressed in a wide range of shapes and sizes

Evolution is the security door that meets any and all customization needs. It can be realized according to a drawing, with the fitting of armored glass, as a multi-leaf solution, complemented by a side panel or a transom window. Maximum performance in terms of break-in protection, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, air-water-wind resistance is always guaranteed.

  • Fitting of armored glass
  • Double leaf, side panel, transom window
  • Wide range of available coverings
  • High thermal insulation

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PerformanceStandardUpon request
break-inClass 3Classe 4
acoustic40 dBKit acustico 45 dB
thermal1.8Kit termico 1.6 - 1.4 - 1
air2Kit Mose 4
water -Kit Mose 5A
windC4Kit Mose C5

Outdoor coverings with 15 And 12-year warranties

The new water-based painting cycle provides
significant benefits: 15-year warranty for outdoor lacquered Coverings 12-year warranty for outdoor coverings with a transparent varnish.

Owner's keys.

All Oikos doors are supplied with a building site key to be used for the production checks and by the technical staff entrusted with the installation, while the owner's keys are always provided sealed inside a special box.

Heat barrier

The use of a mat made of heat insulating material positioned on the entire surface of the door allows preventing the thermal bridge between the internal covering of the leaf and its metallic structure.

Installation without counterframe

Because of its rigidity, the particular closed section of the frame allows the installation of the door even without counterframe, in absolute security and maintaining the certification; it is the ideal solution for renovations.

Armored glass

In doors with fitted glass, in the transom windows and in the side panels, only glasses with double certification (bullet-proof and sledgehammer-proof), with double glazing and safety glass double glazing, are used.

ROND switchlocks and hinge bolts

In the doors featuring a break-in resistance of class 4, a special section is used for dead bolts, switchlocks and hinge bolts. Such section features a greater resistance against burglary attempts.

Strike plate double gasket

The perimeter sealing strips are made of tubular rubber, with several chambers and with differentiated softness in order to feature anti-crushing and non-deformability characteristics over time.

Security Cell

The particular closed section of the frame allows creating a cell for containing the safety bolts and the hinge bolts that is impregnable to any attempt to force the door.

Self-locking switchlock

A special internal device allowing the retraction of the switchlock only by operating the lock with the key.

Adjustable hinges

The special Oikos hinges, our exclusive design, allow easily adjusting the height and plumbing of the door using an Allen wrench in the event of settling, even after many years.

Repositioning the frame

In case of fitting on a counterframe, the new frame offers the possibility of managing any serious issues related to adjustment at the building site (e.g. counterframe collapse), as well as the opportunity of lifting the frame up to a maximum 10 mm in the case of floors makeover.

Adjustable latch

The ease of adjustment and setting of the latch closing, as a result of physiological settlements, is assured for years, thanks to our dual control system.

Cylinder with knob

As standard on all cylinder version Oikos doors, the knob allows the lock to be operated from the inside without key, for a convenient everyday use. This guarantees a quick exit in case of emergency.

PVD – treated defender

In all the cylinder versions, the barrel (defender) providing external protection to the cylinder has a manganese rotating ring. The defender and the brass finish mask are PVD treated.

Brass knobs and handle

All Oikos doors are equipped as standard with internal handle and external knob with polished brass finish; other finishes are always available upon request.