It is the landscape, by far, the fundamental element that has “shaped” the image of this house.

So the house of this project takes the shape of a small rounded hill, with large glass windows and a sinuous layout, almost feminine.

A volume with the color of air, a plastic and rounded volumetric development, a “sculpture under the light”. Calibrated holes and large windows cut through the plasticity of the enclosure.

The careful study of the project shapes and symbols implies a strong link of the enclosure with the surrounding environment and this can only lead to the choice of building materials and technologies that are not only sustainable, but which derive their origin and energy from nature.

The project includes a careful perspective also for the coverings that are not only “special” but above all functional and smart.

The flat covering facing north, being a terrace overlooking the garden below, wants to be part of it integrating itself in the neighborhood as an extension of the same.

The second coverage worthy of note is this shell that surrounds and gently closes the house, a mosaic structure that will encompass externally the sky and the surrounding area to blend with it; but, internally, it will be built with wooden beams and floorboards to provide warmth to the inhabitants and, with its curves, to excite them.


Diego Peruzzo and Loris Preto


Private user

Type of project

New construction

Project year


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