Urban private residence. A white, closed box, with no decorative elements. This is the statement that best describes the property. Long horizontal lines connect the interior with the surrounding environment, and viceversa. Through the openings, natural light penetrates the structure during the day, while artificial light shines on the surrounding area at night. This captivating game between internal and external intertwining spaces is indeed the key concept behind the entire project. The construction speaks a minimalist, almost monastic language, which softens only with the sun rays that, penetrating through the wall openings, create dynamism in an otherwise rather meditative context. Within this serene space, lights and shadows play a melodic tune, a song that fills the quiet rooms,

while the vertical and horizontal surfaces appear to be mimicking the movement of the light, with a seemingly random cadence.

Lines and spaces, meditation and dynamism, interior and exterior, light and shadow become the expression of a subtle, deep equilibrium.


Pitsou Kedem

Type of project

New construction


Private user

Project year


Completion year