The multi-family residential unit built in the municipality of Morciano in the province of Rimini consists of two storeys above ground, a basement dedicated to the garages and utility rooms and an attic floor with solarium terrace.

The building, located at the center of the building lot, is surrounded by a small garden and has a rather conventional architectural plan as required by the buyer, except for the mutual penetration of the cylindrical volume that encloses the stairwell and the elevator.

Special attention was paid to the choice of materials, finishes, fixtures, and the type of systems used.

The inner surface is subdivided in order to create four separate dwelling units with some areas for common use as a gym, a spa and a solarium.


Bizzarri Design – Claudio Cinti e Stefano Bizzarri


Private user

Type of project

New construction


Synua, Tekno