Project for luxury single house on the outskirts of Novara. The property layout shows two distinct volumes, separated by a cone-shaped central body. The two lateral volumes are symmetrical, while the one in the centre serves the axis that supports the entire complex; its height, significantly greater if compared to the sides, makes the entrance stand out, inviting the visitor to enter. The property back-side elevation shows a higher percentage of empty spaces.

This ensures a balance between spaces and volumes, making the entire structure more slender. Indeed, this project plays with shapes, with contrasting vertical and horizontal lines, with the balance between volumes and voids, in the quest for the perfect synergy of environment and architecture. The planks used for the external façade are made of wood dust mixed with special waterproofing resins.
They are painted with clear and bright colors, and are up to 4 meters in length; mounted on a metal structure, they create a distinctive geometrical effect.


Marco Preti


Private user

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