Internal redevelopment of a historical building consisting of 7 apartments and 3 suites.
The architect Leopoldo Rosati has mixed elements of the territory such as the classic exposed bricks in New York style with an extremely modern style. Past and present, history and modernity, preservation and avant-garde, opposites that also in this project live together and are combined to one another.
A mixture of eras, styles and needs characterize the spaces making them livable again, current but never deprived of their roots and instead full of new and even deeper meanings.
The presented residences are an expression of the adaptability and flexibility that the architect Rosati shows in his way of constructing and interacting constructively with his clients.
For the entrances of each house, the Synua door was chosen in its smooth concrete and total white versions: the safety front door for large size entrances, with vertical pivoting opening and installed coplanar to the wall.


Leopoldo Rosati


Chambers Street - Internal redevelopment of a historic building


Private user


New York, Manhattan