The renovation and expansion of an antique palace in Hampstead, London, has created a prestigious residential complex with eight exclusive housing units. Following the principles of architectural conservation, the main façade has been completely restored, preserving the original characteristics of the building and the peculiar “flavor” of the surrounding environment. The expansion of the site back side has been carefully planned in order to perfectly attune with the original character, fully maintained in the restored main façade.

The internal layouts have been divided in three distinct vertical elements, to complement the existing built fabric; at the same time, the basement increases the living space.

The new spacious apartments benefit from a contemporary-style open space structure, and of large windows that filter the natural light, while maintaining their original style and characteristics. The architectural complex is complemented by three wide private gardens, featuring three different levels of wooden walking surfaces and native plants; they are an integral part of the project, and reconfirm the commitment to land conservation.


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Residential renovation

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