The three-floors villa, designed by the famous architect Laurence Sonck, is located in Can Furnet, one of the best private neighborhoods in Ibiza, with high safety standards and many services such as restaurants and sports fields, just a few kilometers from the city. It is the white color that prevails, a shining white that receives and returns light from dawn to dusk, flooding the villa with sun and vitality. The brightness is also amplified by the large windows, which welcome the sun’s rays and allow the external landscape to become part of the domestic life of those who live here.

The terraces, in turn, allow the daily activities to be developed outdoors, in the open air, where the feeling of communion with nature is accentuated by the presence of pleasant teak flooring, used in a particular manner also on the walls of the façade, where the alternating slats create spectacular play of lights. And among the natural elements there is also the wisely used stone, avoiding excessive coldness, to cover some parts of the external wall. Light, sun, air, sky, green, hills, water, sea… nature exists everywhere, it surrounds the entire structure and conveys energy to it. In this context, we shall admire the irresistible infinity pool on the ground floor facing the living area.


Laurence Sonck


Private villa


Private user


Ibiza, Spain