The building is developed on two storeys above ground, with a basement that can be reached through both an internal and external stairway.

The top storey, which can also be reached through an internal stairway, houses several technological elements.

The pure volumes that identify the storeys are emphasized by the horizontal lines of the terraces and bowers that enable the greenery to cover the building.

The large windows grant a privileged relationship with the outside, making the garden an integral part of the home, in addition to flooding the environments with light.

A terrace enables the resident to appreciate the contact with nature even on the second storey. The marine breeze, and summer evenings can flow freely through the bowers, carrying perfumes and fresh air.

The design is the result of contemporary aesthetic research, which unites the typical materials of the area with a climatically responsible approach.


Alessio Fazzi


Private user

Type of project

New construction