This residential building benefits from four levels, one of which is underground.

The redevelopment has revived the harmonious balance of the entire property; through careful realignment of surfaces and volumes, the least representative elements where eliminated, and replaced with original, though discrete additions. The four large apartments where appropriately redistributed, with a consequent transformation of the external spaces.
The end result is a contemporary residential building, an authentic epitome of design and luxury, created in order to meet the increasingly specific needs of the most demanding international customers.

Each one of the four housing units, has a strong individual character; sobriety and grace play a key role along with the volumes and spaces, finished with exclusive materials, that make Itaca so unique. The name, inspired by Ulysses’ island, is in fact a home where anybody would desire to return, after a long trip or an extended absence.


Living Concept and Project - Francesco Copersino


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Synua, Tekno