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What are the delivery terms for the doors?

The safety doors by Oikos are highly customizable, therefore, the delivery terms very much depend on many factors, starting from the product line, its covering and its finish.

For which devices is the Oikos Tech App available?

The Oikos Tech App is available for Android and IOS devices, and it can be downloaded for free.

How can I register and what will I find in the reserved area?

The reserved area is aimed at architects and retailers, who can find several special contents in it.

To access it, just go to this page and register.

Can I replace the lock of my safety door?

Yes, it is possible to replace the lock. To proceed, kindly contact your nearest retailer.

The safety doors by Oikos Venezia are fire-barrier doors?

Yes, the safety doors by Oikos Venezia are fire-barrier doors. You can learn more about the performance of the different models here.

Is it possible to access the price list?

Considering that our safety doors are customizable, the fastest way to get a first evaluation of the costs is to contact one of our distributors here directly.

Is there any safety door with heat barrier frame?

Yes, sure! It is Evolution 3TT. This is the first safety door with heat barrier frame.

To learn more about this product kindly visit the page dedicated to Evolution 3TT.

Is it possible to raise the door, if I have to make works on the floor?

Yes, it is possible to raise the door, yet this depends on the model. To check the feasibility, you should contact your nearest retailer directly.

If I need to change the color of the panel what should I do?

For each product line there is a section of “finishes” where you can find all the colors available for the various panels.

To better assess the feasibility of this operation, contact your nearest retailer here.

If I lose the lock keys what should I do?

If you have an Interactive cylinder you can disable the owner’s keys using the red emergency key.

If you have another type of closing device, kindly contact your nearest retailer.

How do I make a duplicate of my key?

You can send an e-mail to, attach also a copy of the owner’s card and a photocopy of the owner’s ID and we will immediately take care of your request.

How does customer care for Oikos products work?

If you couldn’t find a suitable answer to your needs on our website, kindly contact your nearest retailer.