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09 Aug

Holidays are coming for almost everyone. Swimsuit and flip-flops in the bag, you’re ready to leave and take your flight.
Are you sure you have made all the arrangements for a prolonged absence? Specifically, a house left uninhabited can attract housebreakers.

Here is some advice to avoid undesired visits:

Social networks

Although it can be beautiful to show your friends and relatives the joy of your rest, those repeated pictures from the Caribbean Sea could suggest some unwelcome guest that the house is unattended. Limit your posts about holiday or postpone them to your return (that’s also a good way to enjoy your holiday more).


A postbox filled with newspapers attracts the look of the pedestrians and even more of a burglar waiting for a signal: ask a friend or a relative to empty the mail periodically, you’ll prevent your house from undesired attentions.


To someone monitoring your house, lights kept on or off for days will be a signal. If you can, arrange a timer that turns on or off the lights at different hours, so that you’ll communicate the idea that the home is dwelled. If you can’t, give the keys to some trusted friend and ask them to turn the lights on (and to ideally spend some time at your place).

Video surveillance

The modern systems allow you to install cameras and live check on your smartphone that everything is fine. A trick to stay relaxed.

Doors and windows

The security guaranteed by safety doors is the icing on the cake. Safe is better than sorry and if the ill-intentioned approaches your house, a safety door will grant your security for a prolonged arch of time.

Now you are ready to leave (but don’t forget to disconnect the gas and bring your dog along).