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11 Oct

A new horizon emerges at Oikos. It has the colors of the sea, the earth, the big cities, the vast spaces of the North and always, wherever the place, the transparency of the sky. A new, innovative, fascinating, and highly customizable safety door line, which plays with the colors of the profiles delimiting it and fills the spaces of light and nature. Nova, its name is ready to become synonymous with advanced furnishing design solutions, thanks to its imminent participation in major national and foreign trade fairs. A busy autumn, rich of engagements for Nova, which is about to tour the world in order to introduce itself and be appreciated.

Nova will be presented as an absolute premiere in Rome, from 11 to 12 October, at Architect@work, the trade fair specifically created to show to the world of professionals the latest innovations in architecture and design. However, the true debut will take place on 6-7 November at the Batimat in Paris, one of the world’s leading exhibitions in the field of construction, featuring a wide range of solutions, innovations, demonstrations and training courses. After the Paris tour, Nova will return to Italy to attend Architect@work, in Milan, on 29-30 November and then to go abroad again in January, for the 24-25 January appointment of Architect@work in London.

Nova is infinite space that embodies the fundamental principles of Oikos: the culture of beauty, so typically Italian; the great craftsmanship associated with the most innovative production techniques; the unlimited creativity; the passion for research and the art of design. A unique product, able like no other to support the great quality of Made in Italy production in a competitive international panorama.

Always in line with the latest interior design trends, through Nova Oikos Venezia managed to attain the perfect integration of the door with the living environment and the surrounding landscape, bringing it into the house itself. Nova becomes the element of conjunction between two worlds. The integration of the entrance with the surrounding landscape takes place thanks to the use of ad hoc colors, materials and finishes able to guarantee the right color for the involved context: from dark to light shades, from warm to cold ones, it is a wise game of elements, a customizable game of free combinations that creates a frame in absolute harmony between the inside and outside environment. The effect is made even more discreet by the complexity of the door and its construction features where leaf, glass and handle become a unique element and make the door homogeneous and free of grooves or protrusions. Another of the highlights designed to make this innovative armored door unique is its wide freedom in terms of size, a feature that allows creating fascinating out-of-size fully-glazed entrances. Moreover, the new Nova’s pivot opening mechanism assures greater light, which in turns results in a wider useful threshold crossing space, while the heat barrier frame increases exponentially its insulation performance. All this keeping the high safety features and break-in values unchanged.

Nova: the revolutionary door by Oikos Venezia, ready to radically change the world of entrance architectural solutions.