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14 Nov

The final curtain falls on BATIMAT, but for NOVA it’s only the beginning!

The Parisian edition of the main fair concerning building and architecture and the place chosen by Oikos for the launch of its new NOVA has just finished. Nova, the glass security door which is going to open new design possibilities for cutting-edge architecture solutions.

Nova is the new range of security doors of the leader of the high-end product, Oikos Venezia. Nova is innovative, fascinating and fully customizable. A totally glass door which plays with the colors of its profiles and fills the spaces of light and nature.

Nova embodies the colors of the sea, the earth, the big cities, the northern places and always and everywhere the colors of the sky. Nova contains the main principles of Oikos: the typical Italian culture of beauty, the big artisan mastery related to the most innovative production techniques, the unlimited creativity, the passion for design and research. A unique product, able to continue the great quality of the Made in Italy in a competitive international panorama.

With the same pivoting opening mechanism as the door Synua, the Oikos’ flagship product, Nova is characterized by its high safety standards which are not only limited to “close the world outside” like any other security door: Nova is openness, a gap into the outside world. It is a safe and customized gap which is able to offer reception and protection at the same time, strength and lightness, resistance and transparency. An innovative solution with which Oikos has managed, once again, to anticipate the latest interior design trends which require space, transparence and continuity: with Nova, Oikos creates a perfect integration of the door with the living environment and the surrounding landscape, bringing what is outside” inside the house becoming in this way a bridge between two worlds. This happens thanks to the use of ad hoc colors, materials and finishes which guarantee to every environment its color: form the warm tones to the cold ones, it is a skillful game of elements, a game of free combinations that create a frame in which the inside and the outside world coexist in harmony.

This effect is made even more discreet by the coplanar mechanism and the building features, in effect, the shutter, the glass (thermal glass) and the handle (coplanar) become a unique element and make the door more homogeneous and without grooves or protuberances.

Nova can be used for many kind of installation (flush with the inside or outside wall, wall opening fitting or façade fitting) and for various solutions (with a sole shutter, with or without sidelight which can be minimal, single or double). An aspect which makes Nova even more unique and innovative is its great freedom in terms of size, a feature that allows to create fascinating out-of-size fully-glazed entrances up to 3,5 MT wide and 6,3 high in only one shutter.

Moreover, the new Nova’s pivot opening mechanism assures a greater light, that means a wider useful threshold crossing space, while the heat barrier frame increases exponentially its insulation performances. All this keeping the high safety features and break-in values unchanged (standard performances, increasable with Kit Mose: anti-break-in values class 3, acoustic 38 dB, thermal 0,98, air 3, wind C4).

Nova: the revolutionary door by Oikos Venezia, ready to radically change the world of entrance architectural solutions.