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16 Oct

Nova, the armored door of the leader Oikos Venezia, goes into the ADI Design Index 2018 catalog and compete in the Compasso D’Oro Award.

Another recognition for Oikos Venezia that, once again, has one of its products inside the prestigious annual report ADI Design Index, and compete in the XXVI Compasso D’Oro Award showing the excellence of the security doors leader in the production of highly innovative solutions with a unique design.

After Synua Vela sliding door that in 2010 received the Compasso d’ Oro honorable mention, the eclectic Tekno which entered ADI Design Index 2012 annual report and the original Facciata Libera (Free Façade) inserted inside the ADI Design Index annual report in 2016, now it’s the turn of Nova, the Oikos newborn, created to become a revolution in the world of entrance architectures thanks to its incomparable ability to integrate the living environment and the surrounding landscape with technical very high performances.


With Nova, in fact, Oikos has brought the external landscape inside the building. Nova becomes the connection point between the two worlds. The integration of the entrance with the external environment is due to the use of colors, materials and “ad hoc” finishes: from dark tones to light ones, from warm tones to cold ones, it’s a wise game of elements, a customizable game of free combinations which create a frame in a perfect harmony with the inside and the outside.

This effect is underlined by the coplanarity of the door and by its construction characteristics where the leaf, the glass and the handle become a unique element making the door more homogeneous without any kind of groove or protrusion. One of the most innovative elements of Nova is its great freedom of customization in terms of colors and sizes and this creates the possibility to generate evocative entrances out of sizes and totally glazed. Moreover, the new pivoting opening mechanism brings more light inside the house. Thanks to its thermal break leaf and frame, Nova offers very high performances in terms of thermal insulation (U= 0,98), acoustic insulation (up to 39 dB), air, water and wind (4, 3A and C5, respectively). Even its security characteristics and its anti-break-in values are very high (standard Class 3).

Since the 50s, the ADI Design Index annual report has been representing the most strict selection of goods and service concerning the Italian design in term of production and design quality. This selection is made by the ADI Design Permanent Observatory. The selection of Nova, after the other Oikos products, for the company is an additional gratification, a great badge of honor and another goal achieved but, most of all, an encouragement to keep on producing high quality security doors that guarantee each day esthetic and security characteristics, a small contribute made by a big company to improve the quality of life.