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22 Jun

The entryway is like a business card to those coming in for the first time and, as a popular proverb states, “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression.”

The entryway becomes a way to establish a relationship with whom lives the space daily: You can immediately understand if they are a neat, creative, modern or retro person… That’s why it is important to pay the necessary attention to this first-impact passageway. And to its furnishings.

Modern entryways

As treated before, a threshold does not state a division anymore but rather a continuity with the outside and a dialogue between the furniture and the door. If the entryway is an open space, there are several possibilities: it is possible to communicate openness and brightness through pale, neat streamline furniture; to clearly separate a space with a partition in order to create intimacy, or to divide through a piece of furniture that creates a see-through effect endowed with ambiance potentialities.

modern entryways

Small entryways

If the entryway is not so wide, it is important to keep it as clear as possible and to take advantage of the spaces: an on-wall peg and a thin shoe rack are essential to gain space without turning down functionality.

A mirror is also fundamental to widen the spatial impression and to provide the environment with more brightness, as much as light painted walls can.

small entryways

Shabby-chic entryways

To greet a visitor in a particularly convivial ambiance, you will probably want a soft colored room and well-used or DIY look-alike furniture capable of giving a warm, welcoming appearance to the home.

A vase or a basket full of flowers will be the finishing color touch that whets your guest’s nose (allergy allowing).

shabby-chic entryways

Elegant entryways

No matter whether the entryway is big or small, if you are more of a sophisticated person, you will want others to know whom they are dealing with. Elegance stands in the attention to details and simplicity.

Few planned elements will communicate an idea of order and care.  A bookshelf with a row of neatly spaced-out polished vases has its charm, as well as a fancy-shaped, soberly-colored umbrella stand will not rest unnoticed, yet not seeming excessive. A classy clothes hanger will complete your entryway with a blink to functionality.

elegant entryways


The mirror. Indispensable furniture piece able to create glares and reflections that widen the spaces. Wether minimal or majestic, with or without frame, the mirror welcomes whom you are accommodating and greets you when you leave.

Naturally, all entryways are made of a door which can be as well a mirror to your being, threshold and entrance to your dwelling.

But this is a whole other story.