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10 Nov

It ended successfully for Oikos Venezia the Batimat 2015, exhibition held in Paris North – Villepinte from 2nd to 6th November. In this occasion, it was presented Arckey, the new integrated system of access control with an electronic opening of the door through an application. It has attracted considerable interest and surprise in visitors.

The new electronic opening and locking device. It is an avantgarde lock that control both security door access and movements. Simple to use, this new Oikos proposal for the integrated control is not visually invasive in order to respect the so pursued aesthetic cleaning of the door and the whole environment in which the door is located.

With this new integrated system of access management, it is now possible to open and lock the door without using the key. You will just need to download a special application on your smartphone to manage the different functions: from designation of new users to change of settings and to verification of access, in complete safety.
Arckey is battery-powered and it does not require wiring in the wall. It perfectly fits all the Oikos doors: the opening from inside works by lowering the handle, which unlock all the turns of the key in the “antipanic function”, with Evolution, Tekno and Project while you will just need to press the green button, integrated in the handle, with Synua.

The result is a door with maximum discretion and an exceptional aesthetic cleaning, that has always been one of the main features of the company: beautiful and functional, it becomes one with the bearing walls. The lock is there but you can not see it.