The security door which creates totally glazed entrances.

It is the entrance architecture which creates new design solutions: the dialogue between indoor and outdoor spaces continues, looking beyond the threshold  and taking the landscape inside.

Intrinsic meanings, esthetical possibilities and technical performances coexist in a door which aims to be a disruptive revolution, able to create innovative scenarios in the contemporary architecture.

  • Pivoting opening mechanism
  • Freely customizable up to: 3500 x 6300 mm
  • Coplanar with the wall
  • Heat barrier frame
  • Bullet and shatterproof glass
  • 12 colors for a maximum integration between front door and surrounding landscape

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LeistungsmerkmaleSerienmäßigAuf Anfrage
einbruchhemmungClasse 3 -
akustik38 dB39dB (kit Mose)
wärme0,98 -
luft3Kit Mose 4
wasser -Kit Mose 3A
windC4Kit Mose C5

A color to every landscape

Nova visually opens the spaces to the external world thanks to 12 colors, materials and finishes chosen to guarantee the total integration of the front door with the surrounding landscape.

Freely customizable

Nova allows to create outsize glazed entrances thanks to the nature of its building features: its renewed pivoting opening mechanism and its steel supporting structure.

Opening range

With its new pivoting opening mechanism, Nova will provide your spaces with a greater light which means a bigger area to cross the threshold.

Totally coplanar

Shutter, glass and handle become a unique element making the door homogenous without any grooves and projections.

Heat barrier frame

It increases exponentially the door thermal insulation performances while keeping unchanged the anti-break-in values.

NOVA handle

It is possible to diversify the colour and the finishes of the internal or external frame in order to create new harmonies among the spaces. The handles can contrast or match the frame.