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14 Jun


“A lezione d’Opera” (“Opera lessons”), at our firm, with tenor Miro Solman. On 17 June, at the Oikos showroom in Gruaro.

Oikos Venezia confirms its taste for art and culture by setting up – this year again – a meeting for increasing our knowledge of opera with tenor Miro Solman. The event “A lezione d’opera”, which will be held on Monday, 17 June in Gruaro at the offices of the Venetian manufacturer of safety doors, will clarify the meanings in Nabucco and reveal what will be staged on Friday, 12 July at the open-air theatre at Piazza Grande, in Oderzo.

While sponsoring the schedule of “Opera in piazza” (“Open-air opera”) of the town near Treviso, Oikos Venezia is renewing last summer’s highly appreciated event on “Il Trovatore” and again entrusts the acclaimed Miro Solman with the task of analyzing the famous operatic drama by Verdi. Attention, curiosity, and emotion are the audience’s feelings the tenor will be delving into, heartened by the passion he has aroused in theatres around the world in his 40-year career.

Thus Oikos’s commitment to culture, art and beauty in general goes on amid arias from Nabucco. Those topics are a natural extension of its manufacturing business, which has never been understood as a mere economic exercise, but also – in particular– as a means to raise awareness of the importance of aesthetics and culture in daily life. This is demonstrated by its continued commitment to making design, landscaping, architecture, art, and entertainment communicating vessels feeding on and enriching each other, so as to bring the appeal of knowledge into everybody’s life.

An example thereof was the event held last year at the Scuola Grande di San Rocco in Venice, where Oikos – amidst spectacular paintings by Tiepolo and Tintoretto – offered the attending architects workshops aimed at delving into the value of art, landscape, and construction with such outstanding speakers as Stefano Boeri, architect, Philippe Daverio, art critic, Francesca Valan, industrial designer, and prof. Fabrizio Panozzo from the University Ca’ Foscari, in Venice. Another example is our collection “TRACCE DI DESIGN. L’eredità di una storia tutta italiana” (“TRACES OF DESIGN. The heritage of an all-Italian story”), an exhibition celebrating Italian design by presenting the reflections of Giorgio Giuliari, architect, and Paolo Lomazzi, designer. The exhibition of objects synonymous with Made in Italy, which is hosted at the new corporate showroom and testifies to the legacy of a peculiarly Italian creative ability, has tried to convey a picture of our historic background and of the heritage we have a duty to preserve. The firm from Gruaro feels that its link with the historical culture of Italian manufacturing is very much alive, since it shares its founding values every day: creativity, passion, research, innovation, quality.

“A Lezione d’Opera”, therefore, is part of this commitment to art: a cultural meeting for learning the story and the features of Giuseppe Verdi’s Nabucco in detail. An opportunity not to be missed to take another small step towards the beauty of an informed culture.