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The ceramic slab with Ossido Nero, Seta Or and Liquorice finishes gives elegance and majesty to the stand.

A full-height security door which transmits a concept of solidity and resistance. A door that imposes itself proudly, integrated into the wall with the same cladding materials. When entering Oikos stand, the emotional impact is strong thanks to the bond created between the venetian producer and Laminam company. Two excellences of Made in Italy style, two production realities that have been cooperating for years proposing cutting-edge solutions. Like the one presented at Cersaie, a façade with 10 Laminam black oxide ceramic bands, interrupted by a magnetic steel section containing the horizontal handle and the fingerprint reader. Continuity, majesty and astonishment starting from the first view of Synua pivot door (1,5 m wide and 3,24 tall) and continuing with the whole context.

And this emotion is multiplied when opening the impressive door discovering the internal side: a very elegant Laminam Seta Or finish on three very tall sections interrupted by a fourth contrast Laminam Seta Liquorice band. A wonderful sensitivity which reveals the maniac study of details.

Seta Or e Seta Liquorice

Curated by the architect Andrea Laudini, Oikos stand has brought inside the fair the main message of the company that, in its 30 years of activity, has mixed the simple performance efficiency with the concept of design, of “tailor-made”, of artfully made projects thanks to its craft and industrial skills which make each work unique.

A no-limits design appreciated by Italian and foreign architects and designers for its ability to give a new architectural meaning to the entrance which becomes an integral part of the house representing the style and the personalities of its inhabitants.

Ossido Nero

An important stand, though, expression of Oikos world and Laminam quality ceramic slabs that, with a thickness of only 3 and 5 mm, condensates 20 years of technological innovation in the ceramic industry.

Who’s Laminam SpA?

Specialist in the production of large-sized ceramic slabs with minimum thickness, LAMINAM is the first company in the world to have industrialised the production process, introducing the market to new porcelain stoneware applications, ranging from indoor and outdoor architecture to furniture.
Born in 2001 from an intuitive leap of engineer Franco Stefani, who designed this innovative product, patented its technology and imagined its application, LAMINAM has stood out from the onset owing to its technologically advanced production process, based on highly automated systems and latest-generation plants. This eco-compatible approach is based on three pillars: natural raw materials, sustainable technologies and recyclable products. .
Laminam established itself very quickly, in pursuit one mission: to produce ceramic slabs with an artistic and functional value, with two souls, which correspond to the two surfaces produced: the 1000x3000mm slabs with a thickness of 3 and 5.6 mm and the 1620x3240mm slabs with a thickness of 5.6,12 and 20 mm.

Hygienic and resistant, Laminam surface is an authentic architectural skin designed as a covering material for indoor and outdoor settings (floors, walls and facades) and for the world of furnishings, from tops and horizontal surfaces to large, top-of-the-range kitchens, bathrooms or for vertical cladding panels for doors, leaves and furniture.

Born in 2011, Laminam produces its surfaces with cutting-edge equipment. The main factory is in Fiorano Modenese, in the heart of the Italian province of Modena, and two new production sites, tripling the production capacity, have been added; the first one in Borgotaro (PR), entirely dedicated to 1620×3240 mm size slabs and the second one in Vorsino Industrial Park, not far from Moscow, exclusively dedicated to 1000×3000mm size slabs.

With a consolidated turnover of about 110 million Euro in 2018, and a growth trend of 30%, Laminam exports to Europe, North America, the Gulf States, Russia, Far East and its product are distributed worldwide.

Ossido Nero

Unusual materials that take on a new meaning, generating an unexpected visual impact. From the iron crafting tradition come textures that combine technology with art.

Seta Or and Seta Liquorice

Just like one of the oldest and finest fabrics, the Seta series represents the same glossy sheen as silk to clad both indoor and outdoor furnishings and environments with style. The colours making up the range liaise with one another with the unique force of delicacy.

Properties of Laminam slabs:

  • Resistant to scratches and deep abrasion
  • Resistant to mildew and fungi
  • Resistant to stains
  • Resistance to chemicals
  • Resistance to heat and fire
  • Resistant to UV rays
  • Intrinsic hygienic quality
  • Easy processing